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Tax Services

The tax services we offer are invaluable resources for individuals and businesses alike. Shannon C. Lee And Associates, P.C. provides expert knowledge to help taxpayers accurately file their income tax returns each year. Whether you’re filing as an individual or running a business, hiring professionals to assist you can ensure that your taxes are filed correctly and on time. 

And we offer more than just filing assistance; we also provide other important services like IRS representation, audit support, estate planning, and bookkeeping. Our easy-to-work-with team has expertise in the field of taxation that can help individuals stay organized throughout the year and make sure their financial information is up-to-date. We are knowledgeable about all aspects of federal, state and local taxes, so we can help you maximize deductions while minimizing your overall tax liability. 

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll are essential components to running a successful business. Not only do these things ensure that your finances are in order, but they can help you save money and stay organized. As a business owner or manager, understanding the importance of accurate accounting is key to staying ahead of the competition. That’s why successful companies in Porter and surrounding counties, as well as Illinois, Michigan, and the nation look to Shannon C. Lee And Associates, P.C. to provide accounting, bookkeeping & payroll services for them.

Accounting is the foundation for all financial decisions within a company. It helps ensure that revenue and expenses are tracked accurately and that taxes are paid on time. Bookkeeping involves tracking transactions, creating financial reports such as income statements and balance sheets, and analyzing data to make better decisions. Payroll services can be used to keep track of employee salaries, bonuses, benefits, and deductions while ensuring compliance with laws related to payroll taxes. Support your business’s financial goals and achievement by calling us today!

Consulting Services

Are you a business looking to get ahead in the market? Seeking external help for strategic growth and planning? Our consulting services can provide the perfect solution for finding success. 

We understand that businesses have their own unique goals and visions, so our extensive range of services are designed to meet all of our clients’ individual needs. Whether it’s corporate restructuring, process improvement, or business expansion, we have the expertise and experience to help you reach your objectives. 

Our team is here to provide invaluable advice based on years of empirical experience. With our comprehensive suite of services, our goal is always to create a roadmap towards success for your company. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help make your business flourish!